Cell Cycle Offsets Glyphosate Toxicity



The rampant use of the modern day weedicide Round up – and the toxic Glyphosate that is the main ingredient in Round Up has caused widespread damages to human health.

This is well researched and known. However research has also pointed out to the below issue with regard to improper or the constant erosion of “ Cell Methylation”:

“Methionine and folate are essential for DNA methylation. Glyphosate’s adverse effects on gut microbes can be predicted to lead to deficiencies in both nutrients.”**

(** Ref Westin a price foundation article on website )

When this issue is now understood the importance of the Methylation of cells with proper Methylating agents that can help “ offset” the problems become significantly important

While addressing the issue of the toxicity at the “ground” level is the key , the use of critical methylating agents is important to keep the cell methylation going and as an ongoing process

Lack of such proper methlylating agents in modern day foods and the dangers of glyphosate toxicity in the body – through the very foods and water that one consumes in the current age and times only reinforces the need to supplement with such critical formulations.

The BIOTEX “ CELL CYCLE “ is one such a formulation which helps to “ restore “ and correct the deficiencies in such critical micronutrients leading to proper methylation

For more on this visit the products page on our website – THE CELL CYCLE

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