The Nano Formulation of Curcumin

Raw turmeric rhizomes are processed to obtain turmeric. The extent of CURCUMIN (the curcuminoids) available in Turmeric depends upon the quality of the root and the geographical area where it is grown. The normal amount of CURCUMIN available in the Turmeric root varies from about 3-9%.

CURCUMIN unfortunately is very poorly absorbed in the body since it is NOT WATER DISPERSIBLE.

Due to this and the fact that our bodies and the trillions of cells that we are composed of are made up of 70-80% water, the “BIOAVAILABILITY” of CURCUMIN is very poor with some estimates pegging the standard absorption rate of CURCUMIN in the body only at about 8-12 %, with the majority being “SYSTEMICALLY” eliminated from the body.

Many commercial CURCUMIN health products in the form of tablets use black pepper extracts to enhance this absorption rate to provide health benefits. Other forms of LIPID encapsulation of CURCUMIN also have been researched and produced to provide the body with the maximum benefits of CURCUMIN.

At BIOTEX the special advanced SYNTHESIZING and ISOLATION of NANO PARTICLES from CURCUMIN were done in 2017 to produce the NANO FORM OF CURCUMIN. Here the particle size of CURCUMIN was reduced to NANO METERS in size, and this FORM of CURCUMIN was found to be completely “DISPERSED” in water unlike the standard CURCUMIN extract.

NANO TECHNOLOGY has been used successfully in the herbal field to enhance the speed at which the herbal extract is delivered to the body and with minimal or no SYSTEMIC elimination from the body.

This helps the body RETAIN the CURCUMIN in the body for much longer and being water dispersible is then available at the CELLULAR LEVELS of the body – and it is this feature that provides a wide range of health benefits.

With NANO CURCUMIN the rate of absorption of CURCUMIN in the body is extremely high at average of 92% or more.

Issues relating to IMMUNITY, INFLAMMATION CONTROL, GUT HEALTH, BRAIN HEALTH, ARTHRITIS ETC are addressed to a great extent when CURCUMIN is absorbed at the CELLULAR LEVEL.

IN 2019 the BIOTEX NANO CURCUMIN formulation was tested against Breast Cancer Cells and found to be highly effective at – small doses –

Each batch of our NANO CURCUMIN is also tested for particle size etc. in an advanced test facility.

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