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Zinc is a metallic chemical element ,, seen in almost all the cells, and is known as “essential trace element”. M any of us are unaware of just how vital zinc is in maintaining overall good health. It is important for a healthy immune system, properly synthesizing DNA, promoting healthy growth during childhood, and healing …

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Biotex had the privilege to work with the poorer sections of our society by distributing our nano curcumin during the recent covid pandemic, with great results by way of quick and fast improvement in their health post covid 19.

Formulations for all

A project run by Ms Global Green Company Limited – (A Thapar group company) at Venkatapur, Telangana – was executed by Biotex over a period of 6 months. An awareness camp on health and malnutrition was organized by Ms Global Green Company limited (A Thapar group company) for the benefit of around 200 local female …

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Stem Cells

The stem cells are the mother cells from which all the other cells are growing. The stem cells have a unique growth characteristic which stimulates new cells to grow due to the presence of many types of growth factors in them. Types Stem Cells in the Human Skin In the human skin, two types of …

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Mind Matters

There is a thin line between the state of consciousness and unconsciousness. In fact, daily we change between these two states as we wake up from our sleep. The human mind is marvelous but it is a storehouse of myths and facts, perceptions and beliefs. The state of consciousness can be defined as the level …

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Unhinged Immunity

At Biotex we are also currently addressing the overall immune health and general well-being of several children at the Palawi, (Prabha Hira Prathishtan) near Solapur, Maharashtra.

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